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Yoni Steams

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Honor your inner goddess with our crystal infused yoni steams! Yoni steaming is a delicate yet effective form of herbal feminine healing that caters to healing your yoni. Our yoni steams are charged by the radiance of the sun, powered by the full moon, divinely blessed with pure intentions, and energized by the power of designated crystals every batch. 

Empress Energy

Empress Energy is dedicated to tapping in and balancing your divine feminine energy and aligning yourself with "That Bitch Energy", really embracing the Sensual, Sexual, and Divine intellectual goddess that you are!  🌺

*Highly recommended being paired with our Empress Oil*

Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit is handcrafted to increase your libido and make your fruit extra juicy 💦  while balancing your sacral chakra and taking back your sensual & sexual healing, empowerment, and magick. 


Sacred Embrace

Sacred Embrace is a yoni steam dedicated to removing any energetic traumas that might be still lingering in the womb. This yoni steam reconnects you with your womb and gives it the embrace that it truly needs, retrieving any stolen energy that might've been taken from you and remove any energy that does not serve you + your womb.💞

Sweet Epiphany

Sweet Epiphany is a yoni steam blend that is crafted for anyone with vaginal discomfort! Whether it's endometriosis, ovarian cysts, yeast infections, UTIs, heavy bleeding, heavy cramping, painful periods, and more! Come give your womb some sweet relief!   🌸

What can yoni steaming help with? 

  • Balancing your Cycle
  • PMS + Cramps
  • Fertility
  • Postpartum Care
  • Menopause Support
  • Fibroids + Cysts
  • Sexual Aliveness

How does it work?

The warmth of the yoni steam softens and expands the pores of the vulvar skin and vagina, allowing for the healing properties of our carefully selected handcrafted herbs to be absorbed into the skin and the uterus.  

Avoid steaming if:

  • You are pregnant/suspect you are pregnant
  • Currently have an IUD implant
  • If you have vaginal sores or blisters
  • You're on your cycle (you can steam but it's much better to let your womb use this period of releasing)

Like with all things, please research and use your intuition to know whether or not this herbal product is safe to use. Some herbs can be unsafe if taking medications, pregnant, etc. Be sure to consult a trusted professional if you are unsure if it is safe for you to use. 


 How to steam:

  • Set up your environment, whether you want to burn incense or turn on a podcast - this is your time to set the mood for your intentions! 
  • Place your yoni steam between your hands and speak your intentions into the yoni steam and you can decide whether you want to place it before or after you add the water into your steaming vessel
    • You can add as much or as little yoni steam herbs as you'd like, the more potent the steam the more herbs you add, and the same vice versa. You are in control and your intuition will tell you when it is enough :)  Each steam contains 1-3 yoni steams.
  • Boil spring water in a pot to a slight boil, it should not be bubbling but should still be producing a decent amount of steam. 
  • Pour the hot water into your steaming bowl or pot. DO NOT STEAM WITH PLASTIC BOWLS the chemicals can leak into the yoni steam. So it is recommended that you steam with a ceramic, metal, or glass bowl.
  • Undress from the waist down (or get naked if you'd like) and squat/sit over the vessel you're steaming with, making sure the hot water does not touch the skin. You don't want the steam to feel too hot or aggressive, the steam should feel pleasantly warm, and you should immediately move away from the steam if it feels too hot. 
  • Cover yourself with a towel, robe, blanket, or yoni steaming gown to trap the heat of the steam in and sit/squat there between 15-30 minutes. How long you steam is entirely up to you - you are in control! 
  • Enjoy your session! This is your time to journal, listen to music, have some lit candles, meditate, the ritual you create is up to you!
  • Once you have finished steaming you can dispose of the steam by simply disposing of the herbs outside, in a garden, or in a compost bin. You can also strain the herbs out and throw them in the trashcan and dump the water in the toilet. How you dispose of the yoni steam afterward is up to you!

Please note: Our steams are crystal infused and blessed, these crystals were carefully and intuitively selected for yoni healing, crystals are not included in yoni steam purchases. 

 Happy Steaming! ✨🌷 🌕

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