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Empress Oil
Empress Oil
Empress Oil

Empress Oil

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Our Empress Oil is a Sensually Divine oil that is devoted to aligning and balancing your divine feminine energy! A healthy representation of the Divine Feminine is kind, generous, wise, and supportive; the representation of growth, not just in a physical way, but also emotionally and spiritually. We all birth something – an idea, a friendship, a business plan, a family – and it is the Divine Feminine within us all that brings it to full fruition. Tap into your selfishly sensual, divinely intellectual, and seductively sexual side! Speak your intentions into our Empress Oil and you will feel the divine feminine energy guide you on your journey! Some signs of imbalanced Divine Feminine Energy can be:

  • Low Self-Confidence
  • Imbalanced Intuition 
  • Inability to have any control over your emotions
  • Abrasiveness, selfishness, or failure to start projects/creations
  • Lack of Creativity
  • Inability to express yourself
  • Codependency 
  • Being Manipulative or easily manipulated
  • Feeling inauthentic
  • Lack of flexibility and adaptability

Your alignment is in your hands! Our oils are herbally infused with 24K gold and are charged by the radiance of the sun, power of the moon, blessed with pure intentions, divinely blessed, and the energetic properties of designated crystals.  

How to apply our oils?

You can incorporate our oils in a countless number of ways such as applying it to:

  • Your candle for any candle work
  • Your body as a body oil Dropping it onto the skin as a body oil
  • Your wrists and neck prior to a job interview, going on a date, etc.
  • Your spiritual bath 
  • Your sacred spots (Yoni oil, breast oil, etc)
  • Your face as a beard oil
  • Your body products such as hair oils (for that crown chakra), body butters, lotions, body scrubs, etc.
  • Your massage oils
  • And any other intuitive ways that speak to you!
(we just ask that you use our oil externally)


 Happy Alignment!  ✨🌹

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