About Us

Who are we? 

Our mission at Soulfully Organic is to help align, heal, and replenish the Black community through the sacred arts of herbalism, holistic healing, spiritual wellness, healthy habits, healing workshops, and much more! We want to provide a community where we can be unapologetically aligned with our purposes, not only as community but as individuals. Our main goal is to act as a platform that liberates Black astrologers, healers, spiritualists, gods, goddesses, healers, mediums, and everything in between. We provide resources and products that not only nourish the mind, but the body and soul. We are more than excited to aid you all on your many journeys.

Our Core Beliefs. 

  • Healing
    • Generational curses are real as hell! However, if we want to fully progress as communities and generations we must stop taking "pain killers" (unhealthy coping mechanism) to stop alleviating the symptoms and focus on the root cause of this dis-ease! The finest treasures are hidden where most of man is afraid to go - the shadows! Acknowledgement is the first step and a huge part of Soulfully Organic is to take healing into your own hands and guide you on your path to your highest vibrational self! 
  • Community
    • When we look back at history we can see that one thing kept us sane through the many trials and tribulations that was thrown our way, community! We must remember that we were forced into this "crabs in a bucket" mentality and that a crab's natural habitat is not in a bucket. Throughout the faces of forced assimilation, oppression, lack of resources, and much more; we see that community plays such a large part in our resilience. Down to the deep hidden doulas to that one elder that calls us "baby", regardless of the circumstances we always manage to find community where we need it most. We want to contribute to that community and truly help the Black community continue to prosper and reclaim not only our divine energy, but our identities. 
  • Health + Herbalism
    • Health is wealth, and being broke is merely a mindset. As children of the earth, we are provided all of the necessary tools to help build ourselves up. You cannot build a house on a weak foundation, it eventually will come crashing down. When we start to prioritize our health, we begin to see this shift in not only the aura, but the physicality and mental planes! 
  • Knowledge 
    • We believe that knowledge is power! Knowledge is the single handedly the most powerful and dangerous power known to man. Hence why they tried to bury us, but due to the lack of their knowledge they didn't know we were seeds. One drop of knowledge has the power to awaken millions of individuals, which is exactly why the world has tried so hard to make sure that we did not get the knowledge of who we truly are. We want to use the power of knowledge to help align you with your highest good and highest destiny! 

Why we do what we do.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - African Proverb

We do what we do because we all have faced the traumas and effects of generational curses, not healing, and having our ties to spirit severed due to oppression (in all aspects: spiritual, systematic, racial, socioeconomic, etc). We noticed that there is a strong "crabs in a bucket" mentality when it comes to how we treat each other, but where there is one force, there is always a counteracting force. Acknowledgment is the first step, and of course we must acknowledge that this mentality does exist, however, we must also recognize that the crabs natural habitat is not a bucket and that these crabs were strategically placed within this bucket. We want to highlight the cause and effects of this "crabs in a bucket" mentality throughout the Black community and use this knowledge to unify and empower the community rather than divide. We noticed that as a community we get so caught up within our own struggles and traumas, we forget and almost dehumanize others within our community simply because we are handling so much on our own. Yet as we heal as individuals and continuously embark on our growing journey, we begin to combat this poverty driven mentality that has been brainwashed upon us. As we heal, as we eat healthier, as we create, and as we grow our knowledge individually we begin to unify together and create this community we have strived for. Community is so crucial to us because the year of Aquarius is upon us, and we are waking up; it's time that we stop dimming our light to fit into a system that never accepted us in the first place- it's time for us to make our community right.