Meet the Founder

Hey Soul Family! My name is Kimasia, and I am the founder of Soulfully Organic.

I am an herbalist, intuitive creatress, astrologer, medium, light worker AND shadow worker, yogi, chakra worker, youtuber, alchemist, divine tarot + oracle reader, entrepreneur, mentor, and Afro-American Spiritualist. I hope to be of any assistance on your spiritual journeys towards your alignment! 

Fun Facts about me!

  • I started reading tarot/oracle my mid-late junior year of high school, around the same time I accepted my spiritual development.

  • I am a Cancer sun.

  • I can play 5 instruments (Violin, Cello, Trombone, Baritone, Euphonium, and I'm slowly learning bass guitar) 

  • My earliest testimonial of me being a medium comes from my mother. I was around 5-6 months old and walked up to my then god mother and repeatedly pointed to her eye going as far as poking her several times in the same eye. My mom made a joke about me "warning her that she would lose her eye". Several hours later my mother, my former god mother, and I got into a car accident that resulted in my then god mother losing her eye and the trunk of the car caving into the vehicle, being stopped by my carseat. 

  • My biggest inspirations are my family and members of the soul family! 

  •  I've been an extreme Tyler the Creator fan since I was in 5th grade! 

  •  I've been passionate about impacting and influencing the community since   my days in elementary school. Yet I was NEVER a safety patrol, I didn't   follow any type of rules! (lol)

  •  I've been involved with the visual and performing arts starting at a very young age! I love acting, singing, dancing, painting, and everything in between. I'm also a very passionate DIYer.

  • I love anime! I love cosplay and doing inspired outfits! 

 What inspired me to create Soulfully Organic? 

I founded Soulfully Organic through an intense healing journey that nearly ended my life. I fell into a deep depression as I was constantly in and out of the hospital due to surgical procedures that resulted in 3 surgeries, multiple pulmonary embolisms and blood clots, learning how to walk 4 times, and having to give myself injections in my stomach every 12 hours for nearly a year. As someone who was extremely belonephobic, every day was a constantly battle of not only fears and anxiety but trying to fight the constant weight of depression on my shoulders. I was bed ridden for months, I missed out on school, and constantly on social media comparing myself to women who didn't even look like me. Growing up I suffered from extreme ethnic dysphoria and never quite felt like I fit in anywhere, eventually I grew tired of this hamster wheel of sadness and journeyed into what I would find out would be shadow work later on. One day I decided that I wanted to create a business to put my pain to production. One of my many mottos is that "the most beautiful art comes from strong emotion, not solely sadness" and I wanted to use this strong overwhelming emotion to benefit myself and turn this sorrow into something beautiful. That's when Soulfully Organic LLC was born! Of course it wasn't originally Soulfully Organic, it went through many faces and names! All I know is that after that, my entire life changed and I began to noice that I began to be more optimistic and focused on my personal growth more. I wanted to create a platform where we could grow as a community and not assimilate to what "Instagram Spirituality" thinks we should look like! 

My goal is to create a platform that strives to connect, heal, and replenish the Black community through the arts of herbalism, spirituality, healthy habits, healing workshops, and much more! I want to provide resources and products that nourish the mind, body, and soul. I am more than excited to start this journey with you all. I cannot wait to see the impact that we create as a collective as we embark on a forever-learning experience.

Lastly, I just want to give a HUGE thank you to all of you that continuously show your love and support! May we forever pour into each other’s cups and overflow with abundance. Asé!