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Smoke Blends

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Our herbal smoke blends are designed to elevate not only your body but your mind and being. Our blends include herbs like mullein & marshmallow to soothe the lungs and mucous membranes while easing anxiety! Our smoke blends can be used for smoking, tea, or as incense! 

Our smoke blends are handcrafted to aid with:

  • Lucid dreaming and dream recollection
  • Easing anxiety and quieting cyclical thinking
  • Deep meditation
  • Raising vibration
  • Easing tobacco addiction
  • Uplifting mood

Herbal Ascension (Located on Left)

Herbal Ascension is our baseline smoke blend dedicated to elevating your mood and enlightening activities such as meditation or studying. This blend also aids with lucid dreaming and dream recollection, allowing dream messages coming from spirit and the ancestors to truly resonate and become more vivid. Our floral blend not only adds a wave of tranquility but has a sweet subtle taste with earthy undertones. 🍃

Sacred Intentions (Located on Right)

Sacred Intentions is our platnium smoke blend that contains all of the benefits found within Herbal Ascension with additional manifestation properties. This blend has a different herb concentration as well as additional herbs such as blue lotus flower and hops flower, invoking a nice euphoric sense of awareness. With a higher concentration of high vibrational herbs such as rose, Sacred Intentions is the perfect blend for raising your vibration and manifesting. High vibrations combined with intentions allows for pure manifestation. Sacred Intentions provides the uplifting effects of Herbal Ascension with the manifestation power of your pure intentions. ✨ 

How to smoke:

You can smoke the smoke blend in any preferred way, the same way you'd smoke tobacco! You can put our smoke bongs in rolling papers, cigars, bongs, pipes, the possibilities are endless!

How to smudge:

Fill a heat proof incense bowl with at least 2" of sand, or natural ash. This will provide insulation for your burner. Charcoal can burn at up to 1500 degrees F. Using tongs or tweezers to hold the charcoal, light it from the bottom with a lighter and place in your burner. When the charcoal is glowing red hot and covered in grayish ash (usually about 5 minutes), add a pinch of your herbal blend. When the smoke begins to thin you can add more. Be careful to not add too much as it can smother the charcoal and put it out. The charcoal will typically stay hot enough to burn incense for 30 - 45 minutes.
**Never leave a hot burner unattended. Keep out of reach of pets and children. We do not guarantee any specific results with use of this product.**  

How to make tea: 

You can sprinkle this herbal blend into hot water to make a subtle tea (1 tsp per 8 oz of water). I personally, I like to blend flavors with another tea so my 2oz lasts longers, I also like to add agave!  

Be sure to speak your intentions into your blend when you use it!

Please recycle or reuse tins. ♻️

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